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       Compare the advantage of selling by auction.

Auction Advantage

Common Brokerage

The property is specifically showcased throughout the entire community

The property is just one of many being advertised and shown

Length of time to market the property is reduced to 60 days or less.

Property often stays on the market for months or even years.

We advertise your property specifically and target the most likely potential buyers.

Too often only a few `key' properties are specifically advertised.

All buyers are efficiently together at one time for your convenience.

Possible buyers come at all times for months forcing you to reschedule time for each one.

The auction concept provides for natural interest, excitement and competition.

Buyer interest and excitement is usually created by repetitive price reductions.

An auction will naturally provide for the highest true market values for your property.

You rarely receive more than your asking price.

You eliminate the costly guessing at what price to ask for your property.

Good luck listing a price that will provide a timely sale without shortchanging yourself.

You set the condition of sale thus eliminating all negotiations.

It is rare that you are not forced to negotiate regardless of your asking price.

Because you set the conditions of sale, all contingencies are eliminated.

Contingencies, which are often costly to the seller, are common.